Return To The Crab Feed

Xavier Pabon, Staff Writer

On January 18, 2020, Hughson FFA students served as servers at the St. Anthony’s Crab Feed for the second year in a row. This FFA venture helped to benefit the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization with deep roots in Washington.
Upon arrival, students gathered in the Rogers Hall of St. Anthony’s at 4:00 in the evening so they could eat dinner themselves before they began to work serving the patrons of the Crab Feed. Once the crab feed started for the community at 6:00 pm, the HHS FFA students worked diligently until 9:00 pm making sure that the night was a success.

With a long line of customers, the students kept busy, having to rush around the kitchen listening to the sounds of clanking plates. The smell of crab and other foods filled the air. The students worked 23 tables, 2 students at each table, with over 500 people total at the event. Some students worked the raffle and silent auction as well.

“Hughson FFA has been a game-changer. Thanks to them, we are able to work this event easier and they are all round just amazing kids. We are indebted to them,” stated Kenny Jelacich, who had a hand in connecting both organizations, Hughson FFA and the Knights of Columbus helping to make this event successful.

“It is important to work and serve others because it builds character. You get a better understanding of those you are serving and a sense of accomplishment when you give back,” said senior Jonah Beals when asked why he enjoyed working and volunteering at the crab feed.