Hughson High School Breaks Into E-Sports

Xavier Pabon , Editor

As of October, Hughson High has participated in online E-Sports, or Electronic sports. These are small matches and tournaments held in online games where players compete against  one another in order to win. Due to quarantine restrictions, this is a great way for students to play sports that they couldn’t already due to the health risks.
The advisor, Mrs. Morring, set up these E-Sports with a variety games for the students, some examples being major competitive games like “Super smash bros,” “CS:GO,” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” “Overwatch,” and others. Students are assigned to a roster with members of that roster form of team, where players compete with (Or sometimes Against) one another during online matches.

Each match is  held and determined by an online website, the Highschool Esports League, and players along with their  teams take on one another on scheduled dates. Each game plays on different days, providing  a good amount of practice and preparation time.
The Esports team, and the members in it, seem to be having fun with what they are doing. Alan Abeloe, says: “The esports club is a lot of fun because it gets more people involved with something they love doing.”

Although it has only been a few months since the teams have been formed and matches have been played, gamers are already feeling the stress, but not of scheduling, the stress of winning and losing, along with trying to be serious during games and not goof around.

The advisor, Natalie Moring, provided insight into the Esports club as a whole. According to her, one of the major reasons why the HSEL (High school Esports League) began is, even with the new Hybrid schedule, 34% of students still choose distance learning. 

According to Mrs. Moring, “While we offer the league for free of charge for our students, we do require that students own the game consoles and games in order to participate. We are currently using Remind and Google Classroom to communicate with our team. If there is anyone who is interested in joining the Hughson High School Esports team for our next season starting in January, please contact Mrs. Moring to register. “