HHS Drama is Facing this Year with Optimism


Xavier Pabon , Editor

If any class was hit hard by covid-19, it was the Drama class at Hughson High School. Originally, the class had plans to perform “Moana” and “Singing in the rain” pre-covid 19, however, due to distance learning, The class tried their best, but in the end, due to both technical difficulties, they ended up canceling the online show. So, since then, what have they been doing?
Well, the Drama class has actually been leaning into the self improvement and group work sides of things. Originally, they were going to try their luck with Moana, however, that idea was soon scrapped in order to work on the “Fantastic FIle,” along with a very different version of their typical “Best of the best” show socially distanced. 

That is what the drama class is doing currently, but what have they done since the cancelation of Davy Crocket?. They have done video skits, speeches, and reading a children’s book that they all loved.

 Recently they were visited by a special guest, an alumni from our own school, Nathan Stark. Mr. Stark, for those who don’t know, is an opera singer and alumni of Hughson High School, being taught by Mr. Thompson during one of Thompson’s first years teaching at Hughson High. Stark gave both drama periods advice for the future, for those who want to get into the performing arts as a career. He also spent time showing both classes examples of his work as a performer.

The plans for the rest of the year for the drama class are to put on two shows. These shows are going to highlight a variety of talent we have on campus. Mr Thompson has stated that the students have been working hard both filming and editing in order to help produce these shows to the best of their abilities.
Mr.Thompson offered his positive perspective by stating,“We haven’t had any problems, but plenty of opportunities to grow and develop new skills and greater depths of flexibility!”

On the technical side of things, dealing with zoom calls and technical issues has actually been quite easy for the drama class.
Thompson Said, “Well, I feel sorry for my students having to deal with ‘Mr. Slow Thompson’ in using the technology.  However, everyone has been patient with their teacher…and very helpful.  Many in the entertainment field are hungry and looking for work.  It has been good for us, because we have invited some outstanding talent to come and talk to our students.  They never would have had the time to do so in a normal year.  Our students have benefitted. “