What Will We Miss About 2020-2021?


Mrs. Larson guides one of her classes through a Zoom session.

Xavier Pabon , Editor

The 2020-2021 school year has been different to say the least, and has provided an overwhelming amount of challenges for students and teachers. However, there are some positive aspects of this year and although we had to face major issues like zoom mishaps, teachers have learned skills that will aid them for years to come.
Some teachers benefited from this year by learning virtual concepts and lessons that they may have been reluctant to try in their classroom before this year. Teachers have become more tech savvy, and have learned how to work their computers and internet as a whole better, some even being able to assist students if they are having technical issues.

What seems to be universal is that teachers considered not being able to see staff and students one of the worst things about this year. In general, this year has been difficult for staff and students alike, and the feeling of being able to see your friends again makes it worthwhile.
Mrs. Ruelas, a Hughson High School English teacher said, “I will miss the extra time teachers were given to prep on Wednesdays.  It allowed me the time to give much more in-depth feedback to students and to really spend time with them during office hours. I felt like I was so productive on those days and had some great, meaningful conversations with students and staff alike.“

Mr. Parker, a Hughson High School math teacher said, “I will not miss teaching two lessons right in a row for my classes.  I am aware that it gives people too much information in too short of a time.  I am looking forward to having more student participation in the future.” 

Everyone has learned something from this year, and when we look back, some of us may not miss it, but others will laugh at the funny memories.