HHS Drama Classes Return to the Stage


Xavier Pabon, Senior Editor

After last year’s lack of show, Hughson High’s Drama class is back in full swing, ready for some performances! With a twist, as they always do! Staying safe so that they can sweep the Pandemic into the history books, Drama class is ready to get back in the swing of things and the routine that they always have had. Learning from last year, as disliked as it was, everyone is excited and ready to perform 2 upcoming shows this year as per usual. This year, they are going to work to be even more excellent, without any pressure, as they do every year, they are going to strive to make this year a great one!

The plays that drama class will be performing this year are Disney’s “Moana,” an adaption of the popular home Disney movie about a girl trying to save her island! The other show will also be an adaptation, but of an older movie. The second show drama is going to be performing is called “Singing in the Rain,” adapted from the movie and old stage show. With such a big class of students, musicals are a given, as it includes everybody, leaving nobody without some part to play in every show, whether it be singing, dancing, or even behind the scenes with staging.

What can people and students expect from this year? Well, if the students keep their grades up, they can expect 2 shows this year! One of which, the first show, happens in October, while the second one happens in February. In terms of success, this year, the students shall grow with every skill and dance that they learn, making this play, and every play the class does, a success. What is their secret? According to the drama class teacher Mr. Thompson, Growth. He says: 

“I judge the success of a play in terms of student growth, rather than ordering each play as good, better, best.  I always see student growth as we do a play, so each one is the “most successful.”

With this years struggles and things, such as the mask policy and other safety concerns, the students have simply made lemonade out of the lemons they were given, and are going to make this year, not only the classes big comeback, but a true success, to stick it to the pandemic and give all of their performances their all!