Hughson Foreign Exchange Student: Francesco Bernini


Xavier Pabon, Senior Editor

Hughson High school has taken a big undertaking for the start of the year. Currently, Hughson High is hosting 4 exchange students from all different corners of Europe. With students, at the time of writing, two from Italy, one student from Germany and one student from France. Today, the spotlight is on Francesco Bernini, one of the two Italian exchange students who has come to Hughson High!
Franceso Bernini hails from Perguia, a city from the middle of Italy, which he describes as “Very Different” from here and Hughson, due to there being a bigger city and “A lot more hills.” When comparing the schooling and education between Italy and here, Francesco describes the Italian education as “really hard,” and the classes very different, as he finds them “Interesting and Funny.” His favorite thing about America in his eyes is the Multicultural population that dominates America and California.

Francesco has experienced so much in America, that to him, everything he experiences is new to him. An example, as he said in economics class, is the quality of Mcdonalds here vs. Italy, as he says that the quality of Mcdonalds is better in Italy, and very diverse and different. Some may ask, why did Francesco choose to take part in the exchange program? The simple answer is that he simply wanted to increase his knowledge of the English language.

When it comes to his home in Italy, Francesco says you can’t describe Italy with just words, and it is true. Look on a map, and you see green beautiful fields, blue waters, and clear skies, a much different, vibrant scene from America, one that Francesco calls home. Francesco says that taking part in the exchange program is one of the best decisions that he has ever made. We here at the Paw news, and the Entirety of HHS welcome Francesco with open arms, and wish him an amazing experience and hope he enjoys his future time in America.